Communications Solutions


Mac Daddy Communication Solutions

We can provide you with a free and independent telecommunication and IT services "health check" covering advice on:

Communication Services available:

  • Hosted Telephony
  • Voice Communications
  • ADSL BB or Fibre Connection
  • Telephone Systems
  • Mobile Phones
  • WIFI Calling
  • Carrier Services
  • Virtual Numbers
  • Call Conferencing

This range of voice solutions can give your business:

We offer a wide variety of value added voice services with savings of up to 40% on call costs & 25% on line rental charges. Our consultants will spend time with you to analyse your business requirements and recommend the right solution. Installation is fast and painless - there's no fuss and for net:call service, no need to change your current BT number. In fact, the only immediate impact you'll feel will be the savings, speed and quality of your communications.

Whatever your business, wherever you are, we can provide a dedicated solution to meet your needs.

Telephone Systems

For businesses opening new offices / relocating or looking to upgrade we can provide a tailored solution.

Telephone systems are:

Whether you are a small to medium-size business looking to enhance customer service and/or increase productivity or a large enterprise focusing on more sophisticated applications, net:telecom has a communications solution to fit your business needs.

Phone System Applications include: