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At Mac Daddy IT Ltd we provide recovery services for a full range of hard drive and operating systems. Whatever the manufacturer, model or operating system, we can help computer users in London

Virtually every make of personal computer, workstation, laptop, PDA and even digital cameras that store data on hard drives, removable magnetic media, magneto-optical disks or flash RAM cards are likely to experience the same type of failures, some of which are:

  • Will not boot up
  • Virus attacks
  • Inaccessible drives or partitions
  • Strange clicking noises
  • Unable to run or load data
  • Data corruption
  • Hard drive failure
  • Hard drive crashes
  • Fire and water damage
  • Surface contamination and damage
  • Accidental deletion of data

We can recover data from all types of Apple Mac machines and external drives, if you have a problem accessing or mounting your internal/external drive try to give us a call before you use any disk, volume or file repair utilities as this might make it even harder to recover your data.

We recommend that you switch-off your machine immediately when having one of these problems:

  • Hearing a noise coming from the drive.
  • Volume cannot be mounted.
  • Bad file/master block
  • Flashing question mark
  • Disk error occurred

If you have your valuable work such as graphic files or audio tracks do not assume that you have lost them forever, in 9 out of 10 cases we were able to recover data from inaccessible Apple Mac drives .

Before you make a quick decision whether to start the work you lost, give us a call and ask about our FREE diagnoses report. We will inform you, free of charge whether your data is recoverable or not.

Our engineers and technicians use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to recover your critical data in situations that most other companies cannot. The process of data recovery is designed to make your life easier during this stressful time.

Our 4 steps to data recovery:

Step 1: Discuss the failure and gather all necessary information.

Before an initial diagnosis of the problem can be made, we'll ask you all the questions needed to determine what the true nature of the failure is - and what it will take to recover your critical data. For example:

  • What is the nature of the data you need recovered?
  • What type of hard drive is it?
  • How much data is stored on the hard drive?
  • What happened when the drive failed?
  • How fast do you need the data returned to you?

This only takes a few minutes but it's critical in making an initial assessment of the failure and what we may need to do to recover your data. It will also save you money when it comes time to begin the actual recovery.

Step 2: An in-lab diagnostic assessment.

In order to determine the full extent of the failure we will inspect and test the hard drive in our lab. Upon arrival your drive will be handled with the utmost care and attention. We will determine whether the problem is mechanical, electrical or software related.

We will then come back to you and explain:

  • What is wrong with the hard drive.
  • What we need to do in order to recover your data.
  • Which files files can be recovered.
  • How long we estimate this will take.
  • What the cost will be.
Step 3: Recovering your valuable data.

Depending on the extent of the failure, we may have to replace failed or damaged components - or work on the hard drive in our Class 100 Clean Room. We have one of the best track records in the business - with a success rate of over 90% your chances of recovery are high.

We will work 24 / 7 on emergency service to get your data back as soon as possible, during regular business hours on our regular service, or extended hours on our premium service. You decide what level of service you need.

Step 4: The return of your recovered data.

We will return your data to you in any media you please. CD-ROM, DVD, replacement hard drive or email - you get the data in the format you need in order to get up and running once again with ease.

How many hours will it take to recreate or rebuild the information you have lost on the failed hard drive, RAID?

How many lost sales will we experience while a customer file is rebuilt?

Can we ever get those treasured family pictures back from last Christmas - or the holiday we took together?

Just how much is our data really worth?

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