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instant Apple Mac remote support from mac:daddy available wherever you are. Call +44 (0)20 3393 5098 now.

Need some IT support? Our helpdesk personnel are experts in all things Apple, with years of real-world experience solving client's Apple Mac technical issues remotely. Our experts are equally comfortable helping the technically savvy as well as the technically unsure. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with you irrespective of your computer skills. 

  • Need help with Zoom, FaceTime etc? 
  • Got a deadline, but also a computer issue that's getting in the way of completing it? 
  • Don't have AppleCare any more but still need technical support ?
  • Can't wait for an appointment at the Genius Bar?
  • Got an urgent email problem?
  • Need advice or help with setting up Zoom, Dropbox or Google Apps?
  • Want to learn how to do specific things on your Apple Mac computer and would love someone to show you how?
  • Got an application that keeps crashing, won't start, or won't quit?
  • Is your Mac running really slow? We can help.

One call to our Live Helpdesk can normally solve your issue without calling out a technician, saving you money, time, and the risk of Covid infection. Our experienced Apple Mac-focussed IT staff are friendly, communicative, and above all, competent.

mac:daddy can take remote control of your cursor and work on your system as if you had an engineer sitting next to you. No matter where you are in London, or anywhere else the World, mac:daddy are ready to work on your issues.

Apple Mac remote support pricing

Save on call out fees by using our Apple Mac remote support service.
Apple Mac remote support sessions are priced at £80 + VAT per hour (£96 inc VAT), charged in half hour blocks (£48 Inc per half hour)

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As a multi-media production house, we use Apple Macs from number-crunching to letter writing; preparing spread-sheets to editing and producing CDs; marketing design to simply sending e-mails. They are not a way of life, they are our life. 

When a machine went down recently we took it to an Apple Store Genius Bar where it was probed and tested for over an hour – the remedy offered was to wipe the hard disk and to start all over again. Not helpful… 

After one call to Mac Daddy IT Ltd (recommended by the Apple Store) an engineer appeared at the allocated time, pressed a few buttons – the correct few buttons – and the computer was up and running within 35 minutes with no loss of data. Helpful… 

I am happy to highly recommend Mac Daddy IT Ltd. Hoping never to see them again, but when I do, will be so relieved.

Hugh Wooldridge, JGPC