Apple Mac Upgrades

Give your Mac a boost

Ultimate upgrade for slow iMacs
Has your iMac slowed down after upgrading to macOS Mojave? 
Apple's macOS Mojave is optimised for flash storage, or SSD storage. iMacs with traditional, mechanical hard drives don't perform well at all once upgraded to macOS Mojave.
Adding RAM and replacing the old-style hard drive with a solid-state drive will increase the performance so much that it will perform better than ever before - even when it was new.

SSD Prices:
  • 500GB Solid State Drive - £90 + vat
  • 1TB Solid State Drive - £145 + vat 
RAM Prices:

Different models require different RAM, so call 020 3393 5098 for a model-specific quote.

Labour Prices:
We can fit the SSD and install the latest macOS (currently Sierra) so that on return it's as if new and 'out-of-the-box'.
1 hour of labour
Alternatively, we can fit it, and then clone your existing data back to the new SSD so that, on return to you, it would be identical to when you brought it in to us, only much, much faster.
2 hours of labour
Call us now on 020 3393 5098 to find out more.